Bypassing the Negotiator to talk to his/her Supervisor

Hi everyone: I had lost all my patients with the Negotiator. I just called Customer Services to get status on a Short Sale I Put together with Citi Mortgage. I had emailed the negotiator, call her and not response. I got her Supervisor’s extension. Do you think will be appropiate to talk to her Supervisor without her permission ?, PLEASE ADVISE, I AM DESPERATE. My closing is on the 15th and I don’t want to lose this deal.

Help me please !!

I can’t think of a better way to guarantee that you’ll tick the negotiator off than to go over her head, and for no other reason than you are impatient.

Is this the negotiator who told you to stop calling and bugging her so often?

Hi everyone, I also have the same problem , I’m dealing with Litton Loan service, the lady that I work with is extremely rude, I made 3 offers , she declined them all…lol she don’t wana talk to me at all . Any suggestion ?
Should I make a new offer?

Thank you in advance

Yeah., She is the one who told me to back off… I think you are right, Maybe becasue this is my first Short Sale I am so impatient. So, I just have to wait …

How long has it been? How long do you have? I would not feel bad about going over anyones head if I truly feel like they are incapable of doing their job. If you have legitimate reasons for doing this explain them to the supervisor as your reason for calling. Get the deal done or move on to the next.

That being said, remember that these people are stressed, overworked and underpaid and they are probably talking to investors and pissed off homeowners all day. Make them laugh and it will get you somewhere.


Thank you for replying back… I don’t have too much time. My closing ( Double Closing ) in on Feb. 15…, I have provided to this woman everything, comps, figures, emails, you named… But she is no moving. I am planning to call her supervisor on Monday. I hope this won’t create a friction. Or maybe I will email the Negotiation just to give her a head up that I will be calling her supervisor on Monday. What do you think ?, This whole world is new to me. I really don’t want to get her angrier.

Your imput will be very appreciate it.


Nothing wrong with calling supervisor, it’s what you say and how you say it. Explain to the negotiator you realize how busy she must be and express your appreciation for what has been done to date. If you get to the supervisor, explain how much you appreciate what the negotiator has done so far and how efficient the process has been. Also politely explain that you have a deadline with a homeowner who is in dire straits and any help to expedite the process will be greatly appreciated. Just be nice. Good luck.

Thank you for your time. Any other thought will be very appreciate it. I will call the Supervisor tomorrow and follow what you said. Wish me luck !!

I have had the same problem in the past–try this it might work. Call customer service and ask them that you want to put a good ref for the negotiator, can they please connect you to the negotiator supervisor. When the supervisor comes on the phone, tell him or her that so and so has been working on this acct # and she has been great and just wanted to let you know that, also if you can help with this file that would be great.

Ps: Have used several times and it does wonders

removing text for personal job security…

From the vantage point of a guy doing short sales and not getting my time line met, I can only shrug and hope they will meet them. I had a heart to heart w/a loss mitigator, or negotiator as some are called, who said she is so over burdened w/files and horse’s asses calling in with threats, demands and all other sorts of you gotta do this or that, she won’t respond. She was willing to pass anyone along to her supervisor since the supe wouldn’t answer the phone anyway. She said the supe is even more busy than she is.

Wow, that was long winded simply to say, good luck in today’s environment with any kind of call the supe tactics. Put on your game face w/the person with whom you are working and I bet you get somewhere. Just talking from experience.