Buying Sub2 after bank lowers interest rate...a trap?

My seller is in FC, sale is in one month. Her bank just offered to cut her interest rate to 5% which would make it a do-able sub2 deal. But would that concession make her lender more attentive to her possibly selling the house Sub2? Could this be a trap, triggered by me sending in a change in insurance, or a change of address? I’d hate to get DOS’d, but I could see that would be a great way for a lender to make sure their loan “performs” by calling it due, and then I’d have to pay it off or lose the deal.

I would read the paperwork lowering her interest rate very closely. The bank renegotiated the loan based upon her financial situation not yours.

You have nothing to worry about my friend, Nothing at all. I only wish that would happen to my Sub 2 homes. That would give me much needed cash flow. :biggrin