Buying & Selling houses

How does a person buy or sell a house without seeing it? Particulary out of the state in which they live. I live a couple of hours from the nearest city and this makes it hard to look at properties. Any advise would certainly be appreciated.

Hook up with a local bird dog.

I sawLarry Goins give a presentation on this subject. It was impressive, but I haven’t used his system and don’t know if it is any good.

I have met with Larry, he does between 10-15 permonth this way. He just gets an inspection done for the project and makes the spread to the ARV.

I have had clients buy from me sight unseen. first thing we do is make an offer based on the known info that I can give him. Then if we get the offer accepted I can send photos and an inspection report so we know what kind of repairs will be needed. Then if the numbers make sense the buyer will complete the transaction.