Buying rental property in TX


I am very new to the board with few questions about the above topic.

*any good websites for property searches in TX?
*any need to hire property manager? esp if one lives out of state
*rental property under Section-8

Howdy Goldie2:

Yes you need a management company unless you are buying a project large enough to have a manager. Or else a partner to take care of the property. The first time the tenant is late with the rent and has no phone you will appreciate the management company being able to follow up and either collect or evict.

If you do not already know there is for a lot of commercial deals. will get you property for sale as well. Several local Realtors will have sites where you can search MLS too. You may want to hire a buyers agent to help you get deals. Work with one that works with investors.

Section8 can be great like Tony the Tiger used to say, he just died by the way at 91 I believe. Inspections prior to move in can be a pain but the rent is always paid. Some tenants will have a small part they need to pay, maybe $30. You may have heard some war stories and there are plenty. You may want to check with other investors to see how the program works it that county.


Thanks for the advise.
Husband and I will be heading down to Tx soon, possibly to close on some deals