Buying property in cold versus hot climate

In buying property say cold part of the country like Nothern and East Coast (UT,MN,WO,NY) versus hot climate like AZ, CA, TX, what are some maintenance issues or potentail problems in the cold country?

I would think frozen pipes, heater out in winter are some of the big ones. Therefore, I am thinking buying in warm states is more cost effective, less maintenance and less repair. What do you think?


I lived both in CT and now I live in FL. You have to consider cost in cold climates like heat, snow removal, frozen pipes, etc… but there are also issues that you have to consider in warmer climates. For example living in FL you have to consider AC costs, mold issues, termites, hurricanes, etc… Both have there cost advantages and disadvantages.

Well one of the other benifits in warmer climates, second home buyers and most importantly vacationers. I am not that familiar with colder areas, TN was as far north as i have owed property, there it was pipes, roofs, basements with mold and i lived in the valley so mold was a problem for under the house as most had crawl spaces…

in warm and humid places, consider mold and higher insurance.
in cold places consider frozen pipes and higher heating bills.

I am from Canada and it gets a little cold there too but I can say this for colder climates.

Heating, Pipes, Snow removal, paint if outside needs to be done more often, shingles get used quicker, roof support MUST be strong, driveways need to be tarred or rolled more often to keep the appearance of clean as salt and sand from the roads kills them. The maintenance needs to be stayed on top of or your trouble.

There are good points to the cold though. I just dont know them thats why I moved to

People have to have a house no matter where it is so I am sure profit is possible anywhere.