Buying properties w/ trusts?

Has anyone heard of buying buying properties with trusts and selling them? how does that work exactly and what would be the benefits of that? Also if anyone could point me to the right resources I would most appreciate it . Thank you very much! :biggrin


Not sure I understand. Do you mean buying a property and putting it in a land trust? Or something else?

What I’am trying to say is- basically if anyone has ever heard of this? to buy a property with a trust and then to assign it to the end investor maybe as a beneficiary? or something? instead to doing a double closing I could use this method and still have an level of anonymity from the seller(not knowing I got an assignment fee) and end investor (not knowing how much I actually had the property under contract from)? I think I should’ve posted this in the Asset Protection, Legal and Contract Issues section.

It can be done.

Many investors use a land trust for short sales. Eliminates double closings.

Thanks to the mods who moved this topic!

I just want to be sure of something- okay? so please bare with me- would the end investor really not know how much I actually got the property under contract for? would at least the agent I bought it from know I’m wholesaling the property? Thank You guys you’ve been a lot of help!