Buying Mailing lists?

Does have any suggestions on where to get high quality mailing lists?

This all depends on what you are targeting. What kind of people do you want to mail do, what are you mailing?

I don’t want a mailing list of IT professionals to mail out something about being in foreclosure. Nor will a list of recent probate cases be good for that.

Probate leads, People that own their homes free and clear, 30/60/90, out of state land lords, you know anything thats working. If you have any suggestions of list I should mail I will mail them too.

All of these things are recorded with the county recorder of deeds office. So you need to find a local company that does research there and sells it.

You could ask at your local RE Club.

Here in Chicagoland, we have a few services.

I’m looking at these but not sure of the price