Buying lists with email addresses

Where can I buy leads/lists with email addresses? I haven’t bought a list yet and the one guy that was referred to me doesn’t have way of actually buying a list on his site and hasn’t responded back to me. So, I need to find another source. Thanks in advance.

for email list try, its cheap effective and they work.

before you buy your list find your email provider… Most well known providers do not allow lists… ie ConstantContact IContact …

No reason to spend the money on list if you cant use them and if you try to use your own internet provider you’re limited to the amount to can send at any one time… I have been shut off 3 times for sending a couple hundred emails at once. Its a pain

Good luck…


PS also read up on what makes a “Legal” spam email and follow the law… Its easy to do…

From what I’ve learn, you should use an autoresponder because it can automate your business. All you have to do is create emails and then promote like you normally do but send people to your autoresponder. Once they optin you have their name and email address and it only cost you what you paid for the autoresponder. Autoresponder prices vary but I only $19.99 a month. I generate between 15-25 leads a day which is pretty good for only using it for 3weeks now.

For more info visit:

Personally, we like using to manage our e-mail marketing. I find it a little better than aweber.

think that through…

what are you trying to do with the list?

if you want to market your “house buying” services to them, start with a fresh list and build a name and email collection site.

this is also called a landing page.

if you are trying to sell info products (ebook) or some other type of product, setup an affiliate plan and let the list owner market to your list. Give them 50% of what you make. That way, no out of pocket cost to you unless you make sales