Buying home at auction w/black mold

If I could get house worth 160,000 for 20,000 can it be fixed from black mold. Sheetrock dome been fixed but how costly to remove spores or whatever that you cant see? Can it be done cheap?, or would you run from it??

It depends on the size of the house. You have to remove the drywall, central air handler & ducting and carpet. Can that be done cheap enough to leave you with a bargain house. You don’t want to do all that work and end up with a house that is now at retail price. I don’t know construction costs where you are but here that is about a $20k job. You then have to sell it at a discount because you are going have to disclose when you sell it.

You also need to determine WHY the house has mold…if you don’t resolve the uderlying issue, the chance are that it will just come back.


It has an indoor pool that I think id fill in if I bought. If it has tax value of 160,000 an I could get it for 10-20,000 Wouldnt it ner a great deal?

I’d buy it-- As long as you can figure out what caused the mold and can stop it.