buying from the deceased

i know of a property that belongs to a friend of mines grandmother who is now deceased. the family did not pay the property tax so the house is now boerded up & vacant. i doubt that the grandmother left any will or instructions to what to do with her home after she is gone. My question is can i attempt to buy this from her children even though she did not leave a will.?

Howdy Kimesha:

There is a way for the children and grand children and all heirs to sell the house without a will. It is called an affidavit of heirship. At lease two people who knew the grandmothers family must sign that they know the only heirs and no other and they can not be in line to inherit any of the property. I tried to do one of these where there were over 100 heirs and I could not get that one done. Someone else finally did it some way but I do not know how.

Title companies can help with this or the heirs attorney or yours if need be.



Now that’s what I’d call “Cold Hearted Cash”. Lifes a b_tch then you die I guess. A good lesson for all… compose a will
and give assets to the ones that deserve it.