Buying Discounted Notes, Seller Financed Notes at The Closing Table

Just curious if anyone out there is using seller financing to move their properties and then selling the note at the closing table to a note buyer-- OR if anyone out there has experience buying notes like this?

How did you get started doing this? How would you recommend someone start? Is there a min. or a max. amount? What would you read, or who would you listen to on the topic?

Usually a note buyer wants to see some sort of seasoning on the note, so selling the note at closing might not be the best option. And since a note buyer likes to buy at a discount, this might not make it feasible either. There are a lot of factors to consider when using this platform so it is wise to check out all of your options first.

I have brokered simultaneous closings and there is no seasoning required. If you set your note up correctly you can get a nice price for that note. Lots of factors involved…LTV, credit, loan app, property, etc. Pretty much what a bank looks for also a note investor looks for. Good paper is at a premium right now since there is alot of junk out there for notes. I can e-mail you an example that I have off the board if interested. It breaks down that deal and what you need to do to maximize your discount. Continued success,