Buying Combinations

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I’m wondering, are ALL the buying combinations those that are below. I appreciate any replies!

  1. Lease/Option
  2. Lease/Option + Cash
  3. Option
  4. Option + Deal Split Above, % of FMV / A Set Price
  5. All Cash
  6. Get The Deed
  7. Get The Deed + Cash
  8. Get The Deed + Seller Financing
  9. Get The Deed + Cash + Seller Financing
  10. Seller Financing
  11. Cash + Seller Financing

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Howdy Homyhoms:

You may be a bit confused, In all number 5 thru 11 you will get a deed so number 5 and 7 are the same as well as 8 and 10. You cound be given property thru inheritance or some other gift. There is adverse possession as well but not very common and a hard way to end up owning property. You too can purchase the note or other lien and foreclose and get the deed. You can also add more financing wher you get a loan or assume a loan and get a second loan from someone and get seller financing as well on top of that. I am sure there are other combinations but none come to mind as of now. O Yea you can trade too or possibly be franted property which could come under gift but maybe with some promise from you or something. I am thinking like nonprofit deals.

You also did not include the old fashion boring method of obtaining a new original mortgage in your name.

Thats about it for now garage sale time. Hope it helps some. Just find some super deals and use any method that will work.

In addition to Ted’s comments, you have more property acquisition niches in
[]Short Sale or Compromised Sale[]1031 Exchange[*]Tax Deed or Tax Lien Sales

I would also mention that if you are buying property with a straight option, then you acquire the property when you exercise your option. The same result is achieved with a Lease/Option, whether or not you have to bring extra cash to the settlement table or share equity with the seller. So you might consider folding all the lease/option and option combinations into one strategy.

There’s DOZENS, if not hundreds of other combos… blanket loans, assumables, no down, low down, dozens of seller financing possibilities. I would venture to say its impossible to list every buying scenario.