In the scheme of purchasing apartments, once you locate a possible buy is there a preferrred software to run the numbers or is there some freeware available that will suffice?

Also, for those experienced in this arean… will the seller automatically mail or fax a possible buyer a copy of the proforma for review prior to offer being made?

I have a basic idea of the process but i like to inquire the opinions of others for deeper understanding.

I guess i’ll start there…

Thanks in advance

I’ve haven’t used any software…I just use my financial calculator.

If the property is listed with a realtor, the realtor will have the rent rolls and income statements for the property. If the owner is selling the property themselves then they will have the info.

Patti Porter

It’s funny you should be the first to answer… i sent you an email via your website… so hopefully we’ll be doing more talking… ;D