Buying Apartments Buildings Using A Shelf-Corporation

Has anyone bought an apartment building with a Shelf Corporation. The reason I’m asking is because from what I have heard you can use the shelf corp to get your down payment from the bank to buy your property. Companies Incorporated holds a list of “pre-filed,” off the shelf companies that you can acquire. By owning a pre-established corporate identity, you are able to take advantage of the following benefits:

Instant availability & fast delivery.
Immediately own a company with a corporate history.
Show longevity and enhance your image with customers and lenders.
Easier to obtain business credit cards and business credit lines.
Often, lenders require a business to have been in existence from six months to two years or more before lending it money.
Ability to borrow money from banks.
Ability to secure bids on government contracts. Many government agencies will only sign contracts with a business that has been in business for at least two years.

That just means your shelf corp can apply for unsecured biz LOC’s for the down payment. They are TOUGH to get right now. It’s easier to raise the don from cash partners, IMO.