Buying Apartment at Las Vegas

I am planning to purchase an apartment building in Las Vegas Area.
Does anyone know those areas?

Just for my idle curiosity: Why would you plan to buy real estate in an area that you are totally unfamiliar with?


I agree w/KD. Why would you want to buy in an area that you are not familiar with. You should always do your homework before any investment.

Maybe that is what you are attempting to do here ???

I am living in San Francisco now.
It is very hard to find the good properties in SF Area.
They are too expensive and Cap rate are very low.

You absolutely positively MUST know more about an area that you intend to invest in than being able to find it on a map!!!

Why Las Vegas? Because everone else did/does? Bad reason!

I, personally, will not buy outside my immediate area. That’s not everyone, that’s me. I invest where I live – I can see, touch, feel my properties and see what the tenants are doing (or not doing!)…but either way, you need to know about the area(s) that you invest in!

My two cents.