buying and selling online

hello all, can anyone explain to me the process of buying and selling proprties online? i’m a new investor in chicago and i looking to do wholesaling but i need some key steps of buying and selling online. if the site is in unseen and out of my area, what steps do i need to follow to make deals and profit?


Start using a frequent flyer program with your chosen airline…
I don’t think you’ll find many fans here of buying property online sight unseen. There was someone on here a couple weeks ago pumping a website, but I’d really like to see first hand what my money is buying. Internet pictures and descriptions can be very deceiving.


If you are in Chicago, you won’t need to do out of the area investments. There are plenty of solid deals right here. I have been investing for over a decade and haven’t “HAD” to look outside of the greater Chicagoland area for deals.