Buying an appartment in Florida

We recently moved to Florida from New York as the result of my transfer of job position. I urgently need a new apartment in Sacramento area. The apartment must be a perfect one for a small family. We found a website which has some good homes for sale sacramento. I just want to know whther that agency is a reliable one and which I can contact for buying my home.

There are many real estate agents in Florida which will help you such as,

I am agreed with “bruynjustin”

You can always confirm that within your state office or even online I think they are accessible to the public since there are so many scams around.

As to finding a good real estate agent, I would recommend getting the names and numbers of their last 5 clients and giving them a call. If the past clients were satisfied with his/her effort, then you probably will too. Referrals are a great way to find a good agent.

Another item to check on is to see how long it takes them to sell their properties. Start with a generic question such as, "What is the average time on the market for a house in my price range? In the last year, how many homes in this price range have you sold? Would you be willing to print out the sales information for me to take a look at? (These would be mostly likely used as comps anyway so there shouldn’t be a problem.)

From there you can take them home and find out how long these homes were on the market and compare their marketing time with the average. If they sell homes faster than the average, you may have found an aggressive Realtor that fights on your behalf.

I agree with campbellsimon. Finding right real estate agent is important factor. because there are many real estate agents in Florida. So you need to find proper real estate agent. Also check that how long it takes them to sell their properties.

Plus, if you are looking to buy you do not necessarily want to submit the offer directly with the listing agent. Their primary interest lies in helping the seller first. Since the seller pays both sides of the commission, you might as well find your own representation. It’s free.

To be more ethical find a reputable realtor at the council of residential specialists in whatever area of Florida you prefer.

To be honest Gladwin, all realtors or licensed real estate agents to be more specific, are bound by ethics. This is required under their licensing. Any agent who violates the Code of Ethics is subject to fines and revoking of their license.

Hey, isn’t Sacramento in California? Where did you move?
I know a guy, lol.

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