Buying a short Thru an agent...

Thanks in advance for reading this… I have a two part question and I would really appreciate your professional opinion.

My wife is planning on buying a short listed with an agent… I am representing my wife as a buyers agent…
Is there an issue here that would prevent the deal from going thru?

The second question is… is there a way I can have the sales price adjusted @ the closing table in my wife’s favor? Although we are happy with the contract price- I would love to get the property cheaper… FYI this will be our primary residence…


There is no problem representing your wife provided you make full disclosure that your an agent representing you and your wifes interests.

You can make any offer you wish providing the lender approves, however so can other buyers and since it is a short sale there is no deal regardless of defaulting property owners signature until lender approves the short sale amount, and nothing prohibiting the defaulting property owners from signing multiple offers and forwarding them to there lender!

Good luck,