Buying a REPO manufactured home

I bought a repo manufactured house thru a mortgage company. I thought I was getting a good deal since the house is new and basically half off what it should be. I paid the back taxes and put $10,000 down for the house. Today the house was suppose to move but they couldn’t take it off the lot because the lot owner told the trucker that I have to pay the back lot rent before it can be moved. The bank is looking into this.

For one the “park” that the house is in was already sold to the state to put in brand new stick houses so all these houses (only mine and three others left) have to be moved. None of them are being lived in and all of them except the office are repo’s.

I live in Oregon. I’ve tried looking up the law on the internet but I can’t find anything on this. If anyone knows what I need to do please help me.

Thank you

Try asking the question about the past rent at; . They have a whole legal forum dedicated to Real Estate.

As for the landowner who wants rent, your argument to him would be that you are not in default of any contract with him over rent. (His contract for rent was with the previous owner.) Since he has no lien against your mobilehome… I’d tell him to go pound sand and start hauling away the trailer that YOU OWN. If the police show up, it’s the landowner’s burden to show that you are in default.

Further, in California, a Landlord cannot hold a person’s property ransom… not even for unpaid rent. If money is owed they need to take it to small claims court and get a judgment for payment. But this landlord and you have no existing contract that was ever broken. He needs to take the previous tenant to court for the absent months of missing rent, not waste time hassling you just because you’re in the vicinity.

Just my two cents, consult with an attorney… blah, blah, blah.