Buying a house with a personal loan/line of Credit

Ok, alot of you out there know that i bought my last rehab home and financed the rehab on my credit cards which will be paid back as soon as the house is sold. Now that my CC are tied up, im not sure how to go about this next deal that i want to put an offer on.

Im thinking about getting a personal loan for 20-25k to buy the house and get started on the rehab. My question is can i get a personal loan and secure it with the house that i am buying? If not, can i secure it with the house that i am selling since it has no mortgage on it? Also since i am planning on using this house as a rental (More than likely) how hard will it be to refinance the personal loan into a home loan using the equity i have into the house. I guess my whole deal here is that i am going to offer 10k for it and dont want to pay 3 or 4k in closing costs. the plan is buy the house for 10k and have 15-20k into it for a total of 25-30k when finished. please advise as what i should possibly do here as i would like to put the offer in this weekend