buying a house online

where is the best place to buy a place online?


You really need to expand on that question quite a bit so we can help you. That question is too vague as it stands.


alright is there any place online where i can sell a house online where the contract is legally binding and i can do all of the paperwork and teh complete transaction online? I hope that clarifies things

Well that helps somewhat…you wanted to buy initially???

To sell, try to list your home. As far as closing the sale, you will have to use a local title company to close the transaction. I recommend you call one to find out of they have a contract copy you can use. If not, then there are tons of sites out there that have these very documents but you will need to purchase it. That is the price you pay to sell your own house.

Hire a local agent and they will make it very easy. You do not have to do all the work that is involved with selling your home. If you are wanting to avoid the commission you will pay then you will need to do the work instead. That is the way it works.