Buying a house at wholesale pricing.

I was wondering where to connect with bird dogs and wholesalers. I have a friend who wants to buy a home to live in and then eventually sell so I would like to get him in touch with a wholesaler or bird dog. I am also interested in rental properties myself. I would appreciate some help thanks a lot.

Contact anyone who posts “we buy houses” ads, bandit signs, etc. Check local papers, Craigslist, etc. You could also call people with ads of houses for rent. Maybe some of the local LL’s have worked with someone like that.

Thanks I do not really see those signs up… as far as craigslist what should i look for when searching? Thanks again.

Just check the housing section of your local CL site. Every once in awhile, you’ll see ads in there for people looking to buy houses (investors) or people who are looking for buyers (like wholesalers looking to build a buyers list). There will probably also be ads on there that have links to a website. These could be the people you’re looking for.

Google we buy houses {your city} and a bunch of real estate investors and wholesalers will pop up organically or on the right. Call them up.

You can also go on LinkedIn or visit your local REIA.
Caution: always run your own comps and repair estimate. A lot of wholesaler “deals” are over-priced.