Buying a Foreclosure as Investment Property

Many people ask me if it makes more sense to buy a foreclosure home to live in, or buy investment property. I always tell them that they can do both. In order to make income from your real estate, all you have to do is buy multi-family housing. There are numerous duplexes, triplexes and four-plexes that have gone through foreclosure. Buying multi-family property allows you to live in one unit, while collecting rents on the others. Buying them on the foreclosure market can help you get them at a great deal, increasing your ROI.

Since most Foreclosures are purchased in conditions that are far from optimal market value, an investor needs to make an offer that is fair, reasonable, likely to be accepted, that offers great profit potential with some improvements.

Your tip is really helpful and I agree with it. Buying multi-family housing is shooting two birds in one stone because you can both have a home and an investment. Just be sure that your investment if profitable like you can have it rented in the most possible time.

When buying a foreclosure an investor should find a Real estate broker that works directly with banks that own foreclosed homes.Another strategy is to ask these Realtors of listings that haven’t come up yet.Some listings take a few days to weeks before coming up on the database.

I think buying foreclosed properly can give you a great deal. Banks would love to dispose them as soon as possible and which will help you buy them at much lower rates.

There are also first home buyer programs that can make the purchase of a owner occupied multi-family property possible. FHA also has incentive programs that incorporate this.

Rather than looking at the cash flow or profit, look at the rental units as a way to get free rent. If the rental units can cover the mortgage, taxes and insurance then you effectively live in a house for free. Plus, you have the benefit of price appreciation when you get ready to sell.

When looking for foreclosure properties, stay away from the free databases such as Trulia and Zillow. They tend to be seriously out of date. Your options to find a good foreclosure property is to work with an experienced real estate agent who has access to the local MLS, check out the government foreclosure sites such as found with VA, FHA, HUD or USDA. Or you could locate a foreclosure database online (usually requires membership) which contains all the government and bank foreclosures in one spot.

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The world of foreclosure investment property is not that difficult to enter if only you are acquainted with some foreclosure details and if you also pursue essential game policies. The first thing you have to do is to identify a foreclosed property. Foreclosed properties are those owned by a person, who is usually an ex mortgagee, since the previous proprietor didn’t pay his mortgage. This would mean that the mortgagee is going to have to sell the foreclosure property so that he can recover his lost credits.

It is a good step to buy a foreclosure property as it is cheap in terms of money. But proper checking is required, rather it is wise to look for houses that have the ownership with bank. Do not opt for the auctioned houses.

And what is great is that renters can easily communicate with the landlord when there is a need of assistance regarding room improvements.

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There are basically three types of foreclosure property:

Pre-Foreclosure/Short Sales: These properties have received a Notice of Default but have not gone to auction yet.

Auction: Often the auction price is the outstanding loan balance. More often than not, the full winning bid must be paid within 24 hours.

REO: If the lender wins the auction and after any redemption period passes, the property becomes bank owned. All sales in this category happen just like a typical real estate purchase.

Some people and firms are engaged within the business of buying properties that are in proceedings. A property is taken into account in proceedings once the home-owner has not created a mortgage payment for a minimum of ninety days. These properties may be purchased before the proceedings auction or at the proceedings auction that may be a public sale. If nobody purchases the property at the proceedings auction then the property are came back to the investor that owns the mortgage on the property.

I think the purpose of buying a foreclosure property for peoples are different. Most people buy it, with a view of selling it later at a higher price. There are however a few, who buy such property for their own residence. These investment property is often available at a relatively cheaper rate. However, most of these properties require a bit of remodeling as they are generally not in a very good condition. You should always see to it, that you properly check the condition of the house, before you buy it. You should also see to it, that the house is architecturally suitable.