Buying a course vs. reading the forums here?

    Hello everyone, i just wanted to go ahead and thank everyone here for all the great info i have already found as a newbie! As i said i am new to this and i have been listening to different teleconferences and such here and on the web and i was wondering if i would be better off buying a course which layed down the foundations more clearly, or do you think studying these forums would be as effective to learning what i need to start in this business? Also, i know that these courses offer all of the paperwork and the correct contracts which are needed to write up a good deal, but could i get that needed info here as well or should go for course for the paperwork, in the least? thanks for all of your input!

The forums are very helpful, but I think investing in your education is important too! I know many active investors who still buy courses and attend bootcamps. Never stop learning, there is always more to learn and you can always pick up new ideas.

I would suggest using the forums to figure out what area of real estate investing you want to start focusing on (buy & fix, buy & hold, lease-opt, short sales, wholesale, etc) and then find a good reputable course to learn more and get help in that area.

You can never learn too much, your return on investment should at least be 1000% on your first deal if you learn something good. I purchased venas course on ebay for $100 and it was ok, you could probably learn everything in her course right here in the forums though, no real original ideas. But I would buy it again at $100

I’ll send you over a fairly helpful 80 page wholesaling ebook and audio if you p.m me your email address.