Good Day to everyone. When looking for buyers for wholesale properties can anyone give me some insight on questions I should ask?

Do you have financing or cash?

I assume you’ll be wholesaling to rehabbers so here’s what I’d ask:

  • Max. and Min. ARV
  • Max. and Min. acquisition price
  • Preferred area/ “Hell no” areas
  • How fast can you close?
  • Level of repairs your comfortable with
  • Min. profit margin
  • Cash or financing
  • Level of experience
  • DIYer or contractors

Just what I needed Danny the Great. :slight_smile:

“Will you be offended if I am making a little bit of money off of the properties that I turn you onto” this is a great question to get out of the way up front because believe it or not there are people out there that get bothered if you are making money on a deal.

I would use this exact wording because it creates a question loaded to your favor. Nobody could really say that they would be offended if you are going to make a little money. Asking this question can save you alot of hassle later on down the road.

Also to add everyone elses,

Do you have proof of cash or financibility? (dont accept prequalification letters only accept preapproval letters)

Amount of money they will be willing to put as a deposit once a property is located? (This can save you major headaches down the road when you actually find them a property)

A great idea is to meet with the investors and have them fill out a sheet answering all of the quesitions, then later on when things start happening they will have alot more trouble changing terms on you. You can simply say I was just going by what you wrote.

Just a couple of things to think about. I hope these help

Eric Medemar