Buyers vs. Sellers Agents, how to tell the difference?

I want to get a real estate agent working for me to help find investment properties. So I called around, and found a guy I liked who had investment properties himself, but the property he showed me was one he was selling. So my questions are :

  1. If I liked a property that was shown to me by a seller’s agent, how can I get a good deal? Should I get another realtor to represent me for this deal?

  2. In general how do you prevent conflicts of interest when working with a realtor? Do you tell them up front that you want them to help you find a property that they aren’t selling?

Note that this is in FL.

in my opinion, as a former Realtor, I always want a clear understanding from buyers as to whether they want representation as my client, or just shown a property i have listed, in which case they are a customer. Clients have the benefit of representation, along with the obligation to sign a Buyer’s Representation agreement and abide by the loyality rules spelled out in that agreement. Keep in mind most agents representing a seller, have already negotiated their selling commission with the seller, you will not save any money working directly with the listing agent. Likewise the listing agent, especially if proeprty was listed in mls, is almost always working with the plan of cooperative agreement with a buyer’s agent, the commission coming from the negotiated amount seller is paying agent. Hire a buyer’s agent, sign a buyer’s rep, and expect full representation.