Buyers List

Anyone have any recomendations that I can use to build my buyers list? I want o have a list of buyers who are willing to always buy home at wholesale prices if they #'s work for them.

I am looking to get a list of 10 by the middle of next week. I have already checked the forums out at my local REI club. Any other recommendations, the paper is too expensive for my first deal as it costs 300 dollars for 7 days.


Call the “We Buy Houses” or “I’ll Lease or Buy Your House …” signs. Do the same to ads in the local newspaper and Thrifty Nickel/Pennysaver/Greensheet. Most will be recent Carlton Sheets grads, but some will be bona-fide buyers.

Wow thats a great idea, I never even thought of such a simple way to get my buyers list going. My whole investment strategy revolves around having rehabbers ready and willing to invest in properties that I purchase.

Any other methods you guys recommend?

Why would you need 10? You only need one!!

Don’t forget that every realtor in town either has an investor, is one , or both. If you call any RE office just ask for the office manager or designated broker and ask them for an agent that handles investors.

Finding buyers is so easy these days. But finding the sellers willing to sell at wholesale…now that’s the big challenge! I could easily find 100 buyers before I could find the property.

By the way, you won’t purchase, investors want you out of the picture so you’ll only tie it up using “jp stephens and/or assigns” on the EM agreement and then draw up a simple contract with the investor for your finders fee. Let me know when you find one and how you did it. Hell, I’ll buy it if you do.

Call your local HUD Section 8 office and ask for a list of their landlords. You may get some initial pushback, but it is public record. Just ask for a supervisor. It is the best list possible in my opinion.

Also paint a sign that says “Handy Man Special” with your phone number and put it up a Home Depot and Lowes on Saturday morning and a few main roads and you will have a great start.

I have over 1,100 investors locally in Orlando on my email list. It makes life great to be able to sell almost any type of home, mobile or land you come across at discount.
Good luck.

Todd Hutcheson

Or you can also simply put an add in the paper stating you’re looking for retailers. I knew someone who did that and surprisingly enough for something so trivial…he gathered a slew of names to add to his list. Good luck.