Buyers List

Anyone have any recomendations that I can use to build my buyers list? I want o have a list of buyers who are willing to always buy home at wholesale prices if they #'s work for them.

I am looking to get a list of 10 by the middle of next week. I have already checked the forums out at my local REI club. Any other recommendations, the paper is too expensive for my first deal as it costs 300 dollars for 7 days.


You said you have checked the forums of your local REI Club, but have you actually attended and chatted with those at the REI Club?

That is by far your best resource. Of course, just driving your area and seeing rehabs in progress is another source as well.

“80% of Success is just showing up”.

I haven’t met with the club yet, they meet ocne a month the first thursday so I haven’t had a chance yet.

I am going to call listings in the paper for people who say we buy homes. See if they are interested in being added to a wholesalers list.

any other methods?

When you are driving around, keep your eye out for rehabs in progress. Then stop and talk to the people there…I see 2-3 a day. Espcecially on the weekends, these are usually folks that have bought to rehab and resell or rehab and hold.