Buyer's List/Seller's List

I have been working on a buyer’s list and seller’s list.

So far I have 300 names from all over the country.

It has take me about 3 months to get to this point.

So is this “normal” rate?

I don’t know if there is a time frame, when you build your list. Maybe Im wrong.Just as long as you use it. Make as many offers until you get one accepted.

You don’t need a huge buyers list to get started. All it takes is one, really.

Find out exactly what they are looking for in a deal, and then go find it for them. Rinse and repeat.

I usually only have a handful of active buyers that I work with at a time. I have some that
are buying multiple properties every month. Get yourself one or two of those, and you can make some good money.

The quality of the buyers on your list is way more important than the quantity…

good luck,
Steph :cool

sounds like a nice sized list, if they can delivery. i would go ahead and start finding out what they are looking for and look for those properties. after a while you should be able to decrease your list so that you have quality.

great job.

Steph is right. You really only need 1, but we have 15,000 with about 1000 cash buyers. The majority of our deals are done with about 30 investors. We do 8-10/month. Figure if you have just a handful of good cash buyers, you could easily do 1-3 deals per month. Just know what they want and find it