I have a contract on a property with a seller, and I want to make a flyer for the property to give to my buyers list. What do buyers usually want to know about the property? Or a better question might be, what should I put on my flyer that I am sending out to my buyers list. PLZ HELP!!!

At a very high level, buyers want to know your asking price, your estimate for repairs and what it will be worth fixed-up. If it’s in an area that it would be a rental property, they would want to know about what it should rent for. Of course a picture and basic property information also helps.

A quick tip, if your not already doing it, get a website or a way to collect peoples email addresses, then when you run into a good deal you just email everyone the details.

Buyers want to know what the home is going to be worth, what it is selling for, repairs, and terms. those are the basics

Include 3 or 4 comps supporting your after repair value. I use to make my flyers. They’ll also post the flyer to several web databases and create an html that you can copy and paste to use on craigslist or ebay. To sign up is free.