Buyers List, Los Angeles

I am getting into wholesaleing here in the los angeles county area. I am trying to create a cash buyer / investor list.

Anyone have any advice.


Go to the marketing forum,they have some great ideas.Use craigslist

Any update on your progress “novelty”? I am in North OC and spend time in LA and curious as to how you are coming along.

I am a mortgage professional. Lets just say I do every trype of loan possible. You network. Investor with 5 million and 35 million and so forth will only be associate with a broker that will put money ino thier pocket, good investment, low risk, time is money. You have to be a closer. A point man! Better know what you are doing when talking to an investor, because they all know each other.

Investment club, Chamber of Commerce, etc…

Follow the money!