Buyers are Flakes

Whats up everyone! :biggrin

Does anyone know how I can make buyers more inclined to actually show up?

I am selling this condo… and have renters in it who are willing to show it for us… we are paying them each time they show a buyer. I have made like SEVEN appointments with buyers and NOT ONE has shown up. lol :help

Why are buyers so flaky? How can I get them compelled to show up?

Are you paying your renters before the showings?

No… but I know it’s not them, I don’t think even one buyer has called them. This happened too on a property I optioned a while ago. And this house was VACANT and I gave them the lockbox code. None called me back… now I don’t think anyone even went. Something is missing… maybe I need to find out more about their situation to stimulate rapport just like with sellers. What do you think?

Make more appointments and your odds will improve. Unless you’re doing something to scare them during the invitation.

Could be that the buyers think it’s gonna be a cakewalk to finally get their first house, but when you talk to them do you tell them that you have to run a credit report, etc. and that’s the first time they’re hearing it?..Running their credit/verifying income should be known to them before they even call you but if not, maybe that’s where they just figure they can’t qualify and then don’t bother to show up…

Just a thought…

Another thought…

It could also be that they are driving up, not liking the condo, and just driving by. If it were me, I would tell them to drive by first and if they like it, give me a call and we’ll set up an appointment.

I thought the real estate agent took people to the property? Are you using one?


No… I’m not using an agent. I think it is going better now. When we’re about to make an appointment… I ask them if their REALLY going to go and tell them not everyone has shown up. To this they usually laugh and then defend themselves as to why they will go. If they are interested in my no money down program I usually ask them more questions too to build rapport like how much their paying now, their credit score, how much they can afford etc. I also tell them that the renters will be disappointed if they don’t show because then we won’t pay them to which some chuckle. I used to advertise lease option and owner financing but now I’m just advertising no money down… which is really just cashing out but willing to take back a small second in place of a down payment. I have gotten a lot more interest using this method. That’s just the way this beast works… smaller priced properties people have little or no money and need a lender… and on higher priced properties buyers can usually pay all cash and not need a lender and the middle priced properties where they are in between which is best for lease option and owner financing. Thanks for the responses. :biggrin