buyers and investor e-mail list

I received an e-mail from “Scott Allen Sales” saying that they will sell me an e-mail list of 4800+ real estate investor/buyers who are looking for deals and the cost for this list is only $55.

It doesn’t seem legitimate to me, just wondering if anyone has heard of this offer or if anyone knows that it’s a scam.

I don’t know anything about the people advertising to you but I’d have to guess that the old saying applies…“If it sounds to good to be true it probably is.” Even IF they are real buyers that are currently looking for deals what are the chances that any are in your market and how do you know this same list hasn’t been sold to a hundred thousand other people as well?

So true.

Why don’t you hire a high school student to pull the email addresses from the local REIA bulletin boards?

There are plenty of ways to build a legitimate buyer’s list but it will take some networking & work.

I am interested in building a list of wholesale buyers. Any suggestions for building such a list? Do the local REIA groups sell a list?

REIA Group Suggestions:

  1. Use the email bulletin board for the local REIA group & send your info regarding looking for buyers.
  2. At the REIA group, make a flyer and place it where everyone is sitting b-4 the REIA meeting.
  3. As you go to the REIA meetings, you get to see who in the group buys a lot of houses. Start networking with them.

Other suggestions:

  1. Go to where people buy houses & network with them. Where? The foreclosure auction. Also, any private housing auctions.

  2. Put an ad in the paper.

Bottom line is that you’re gonna take some work to get a buyer’s list.