Buyer's agent under option..

have a couple of houses under option that I’m trying to “wholesale” to retail buyers. There is enough of a spread that I will still make a good profit after paying a buyer’s agent.

I want to know: is it legal to use a buyer’s agent to try and sell someone else’s house which I have an option on (equitable interest). I assume I most likely couldn’t LIST the house for sale, but an agent bringing me a buyer? maybe…

Thanks in advance.

an agent is more than likely only going to be compensated by representing via agency relationship a party to the contract. The listing agent of the property must be willing to cooperatively compensate a buyer’s agent, and the compensation amount will be disclosed more than likely on the mls listing. what role are you asking an agent to fill, if they are to represent you in a fiduciary capacity you and they will need to spell that out in a contract form, including compensation agreement.

This is touchy I’d put it in the flat fee MLS and pay them that way. Remember don’t act like a realtor you can get in big trouble then.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking. The only thing I really want to know is how will they get paid?