Buyer Lists

Can anyone tell me how to create a buyer lists to wholesale property to.


Yeah,got to your local REI club meetings and meet all those investors and get all their info. :-*

Also, go to foreclosure auctions and network with the buyers there.

Hi folks, newbie here, how do I find local rei clubs that have meetings? Thanks :slight_smile:

Try this link for clubs.

Just click on the state.

Also check your yellow pages.

Good Luck!

Buyers lists are not worth the paper there written on. Find your property, get a good deal, sign it up securely for yourself -excluding all others, now ask a broker who will buy it from you with the proviso that his brokerage will get the resale selling rights. Your an wholsaler, lets someone else have it and let the broker do the preliminary legwork for you, then off-load it. Sealed bids in envelopes can be asked for.

RE Hustler: I disagree with your assessment about buyer’s lists. If you have a buyer’s list & fire off emails to them when you have a deal, if it’s really a deal, you’ll have buyers lining up for it. Also, acquiring a network can also help even if you just have simple questions.

Some people on my buyer’s list contact me periodically (some as often as once/week) to see if I have wholesale properties available.

Reply: It all depends how big you are, what I was saying was if your dealing in one property at a time, and reselling 4 dwellings per year - do you need a buyers list. The position is different if your attempting much bigger numbers and are intending to become a future major league player.

I approached a major with a deal that would involve an outlay of $2.5 million dollars, it would unlock landlocked land worth $35 million dollars [it did] but the major was not interested. Why because I was an unknown to them and 2nd the numbers involved were too small. What I am trying to say is behind each buyer on the buyers list is a person and your going to get hassle, their life story and treat like the butler or gofer. So is it worth it. Thats why I deal through 3rd parties. I wholesale my sales efforts, not my properties.