buyer incentives

I am considering listing with a flat fee MLS listing service. I’ve been told a cooperating commission of 2.5% is average in the area. I was thinking of going higher, but I was wondering if the money could be better spent on buyer incentives, like cash back at closing, or paying buyer’s closing costs, etc. Any ideas on this?

The best tihng to do is try it all and see what gives you the higest return.

Thanks Yossi316. Any other feedback?

I would offer 4.5% commission and then see what you get. Most agents will try to negotiate the price down and will throw seller assistance in closing costs anyway.

I advertise my properties myself and give a 3% commision to realtors if they bring in a buyer. It’s half of the usual 6% and most of the time agents split the commision with the buyers or sellers agent and end up with the 3% anyway. If they sell they get paid, If I sell it I pay NOTHING. You have to price them aggressively now a days.