Buyer Beware! "FREE" VistaPrint Biz Cards

Just a consumer warning regarding’s “FREE” bsuiness card offer.

I purchased their “FREE” business cards over a month ago. They arrived a few weeks later, and I thought all was settled. It turns out they have a business relationship to a company called AP9BUSINESSMAX, and they forward them your account information. Supposedly, they only do this if you sign up for the $10 cashback survey, but I never did! AP9BUSINESSMAX then starts drafting anywhere from $9.95-$12.95/mo. from your account. If you don’t catch it in time (30 or 60 days), your bank won’t be much help.

Fortunately, I caught it right away and called AP9*BUSINESSMAX. The lady I spoke with was nice, but tried to push me to keep the sale (or go with another “offer” of theirs). After standing my ground a few times, she finally relented and said my account would be reimbursed the $12.95 charge in the next 2-3 business days. We’ll see.

Buyer beware!

You can read more about their fradulent activities by going here, here, and here.

Wierd. I have never had that problem, and have ordered from them several times. Guess I haven’t ordered the “free” cars in awhile…maybe it is something new…?

Sorry to hear about that, glad you cought in time. :slight_smile:

Happy Investing,

me too…never a problem…

I’m glad that you posted this, it made me check it out & sure enough there they are AP9 >:( >:( >:(

I will be calling the bank & AP9 & taking care of this ASAP >:(

Thank you NMD

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Found AP9 also thanks to this post. Seems they are a company that “finds houses for people” though they never found me anything or let me know what they did. Did not connect them with VistaPrint. This site saves you money in many ways, right?

It would appear that quite a few people are having issues w/ them!&q5=vista+print&Search=Search

that is why when you order the free buseness cards from vustaprint, you make sure that you do it directly from their website…

I did.

This is off the subject kind of but if any of you are smokers trying to quit and are thinking trying Cigarrest they do the same thing with a company called Living Essentials (sometimes mistaken for Loving Essentials)

First off Cigarrest offers you a FREE 30 day supply BUT you recieve a 90 day supply that if you don’t return in 30 days you get charged $100. I had two shipments sent to me. The first was an incomplete package and to return it you have to call them (takes about 1/2-1 hour to actually talk to someone) and get a return authorization # then pay to return it I got the second (Full) order a couple days later.

Sent it back within the 30 days and am still waiting for the refund so far it’s been 10 days.

As for the “OTHER” company they sign you up automatically when you purchase the Cigarrest program.

I couldn’t find out anything about this company until I saw another Forum where someone was asking if anyone had heard about them, they were also charged $69 and had no idea who it was from.

Anyway, it’s a 30 day free trial of coupons or something that save you THOUSANDS of dollars on hotels, car rentals grocieries etc. AND you get a free set of steak knives!!!

I never got anything or even heard about them until I was charge the $69 on my debit card. I called Cigarrest and they gave me the other companies phone # couldn’t get through until around 7pm (All circuits were busy ALL day)

When I finally got through it was an automated answering thing that you can put your phone# in and ask for a refund. My money was back in the account within 2 days. So that was relatively painless.

So what did I learn???

Sorry if this post is unappropropriate, just wanted to tell others!


I got some business cards from them with no problem and no contact from a second company.

As a wise man once said “There is no free lunch”.

Yup, was a victim too. Unfortunately… been busy and haven’t checked the statements till 3 months later and got billed for 3 months from AP9 and another company. After complaining… I only got credit for 1 month for each company. >:(

Call your local print shop, order new cards, save your receipt for tax purposes…problem solved.

It happened to me too. Here’s where you ACCIDENTALLY sign up for it! The last page, after hitting “order” comes back with “If you order now, you get more stuff free” type thing. Look at the FINE print at the top of the page- it says order complete! So, it looks like you’re not done, and hitting “finish” at the bottom will get you there, but it really is just a ploy to get $10 from you a month.

There’s the trick.

While we’re at this, I posted on the site as a topic, but oh well-- watch out for Witness Designs for any printing, too, so be careful there! Stay away!

As for VistaPrint, I still order from them now that I’ve figured out their last page.

I ordered both Free and Pay business cards on 11/24 from Vistaprint. Sure enough checking my CC statement I had these 2 charges the following month.

12/28/2005 12/27/2005 AP9 PASSPORTVISTA - 888-801-2604 CT $14.95
12/28/2005 12/27/2005 AP9 SHOPPINGESSENTIALS - 888-243-6180 CT $12.95

I called the top number and they said my account would be credited for both transactions in 2-3 business days.

Great forum, reading this saved me $27.90. Thanks.


I just found the same charges on my bill from Vista Prints and have called and cancelled all charges. Has anyone had any problems with getting their charges removed.
I am not happy with vista prints and will never order from them again.

Problem #1- “I purchased their “FREE” business cards …”

You’re not supposed to purchase free stuff!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I had the same thing happen to me but when I purchased their FREE Rubber Stamp. The company that tstarted charging me was AP9* SHOPPINGESSENTIALS. Unfortunately I was charged $14.95 twice before I caught it but I called AP9* SHOPPINGESSENTIALS and cancelled with no problem.

:shocked I actually had one year’s worth of these bogus "[size=10pt]ap9*passportoffun 888-801-2604 ct"[/size] charges. :evil I called my credit card company and got them ALL refunded. I didn’t have to argue real hard. :beer

That is weird. I have ordered from vista print both free and paid business cards and have never been charged extra. Maybe you accidentally selected a trial offer of something before or during checkout.