Buy with no money

I’d be interested to hear some examples of people who have purchased (or taken control) of properties without using any cash. Please include examples because I’m new and naive!

What was done in the past may have little bearing in the present lending climate. If it’s a non-owner occupied property, you’ll have a difficult time with 100% financing. You could purchase a distressed property/onwers and try for owner financing. You can also, try to rehab and rent with hard money and refi- at a later time (depending on seasoning issues). It all really depends on your own financial situation. You’ll need to post more about your situation, goals, resources.

I’m not looking for advice on how to do it for me particularly. I’m just curious about the different ways people have done it.

I have gotten 100% commercial financing from small local banks (including just this January). I have also purchased properties with no money down with owner financing, with lease options, and subject to the existing financing. It’s not that hard to do. In fact, the vast majority of my rentals have been purchased with no money down, although at a very low LTV.

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It is pretty tought now-a-days to get 100% financing from a traditional lender.

the key is finding “distressed” owners aka “motivated” sellers.