buy the pocket / purse / multiple Properties...

How would one implement the strategy of Mr. Carlton H. Sheets… into and from his Great C.O.G. Sheet to make offers on more than one Property at a time… having to deal with banks and REOs’, Distressed Properties found in “gathering” the Banks are asking / almost begging GIVE ME SOMEONE REPONSIBLE ! … but with this Tailored Formula ; do we just simplify the methode ( if any ) to list the homes by MLS Number / Address / or Agent Control Number to legal the Offer … ?

The reason why I have to ask is because I found a great person that with private and hard money will go 100% LTV !
and having a goal of One-Million Dollars a month NET , we would like to begin and construct the addendum tailored… should I worry about the different States laws after the sale while doing the Final Inspection and Escrow Title Search selected with mercators to other talents inside the Escrow Staff are doing this and giving me some free time to dedicate the Construction of New Management and Headquarters in Americas’ Finest City* ( motto ) where it is alway Summer and Life is a Beach ! …

Comments and solutions and even referrals to those that want them are available to members of the REI Club… I will go now and place my name in the affiliate room of World Funding Company that I found so I can make a little “bling” ( front - door / Back - door ) business … W-9 and 1099 Over !


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Shayshay000 REI Member new to big league business offers using pockets and handfulls at a time.

Your English isn’t good enough for me to really understand what you’re asking. However, I would strongly suggest that you learn the business BEFORE you buy anything. Simply buying a bunch of stuff won’t make you any money.

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I don’t think there is anything wrong with his English. It doesn’t make sense because it is a bunch of bull crunchy followed by an advertisiemnt.

They can’t clearly and precisely promise you anything when they don’t really have anything to offer.

This thread gave me a headache. :banghead

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Shay you don’t want to ever buy a property and finance it to 100% LTV. That great person is not your friend. Run far away from him. You should be financing no more that 70% tops LTV or you don’t have a deal and you may as well just buy a brand new house for retail price and save all the rehab effort.


If I buy a $100K property for $60K and use $60K in financing to purchase the property, then I have used 100% LTV financing. If I put $6K down and use $54K in financing, then I have used 90% financing and institutional lenders will charge a PMI premium.

Nothing wrong with 100% financing if the purchase price is significantly discounted from appraised value.

I am sorry I was not clear with my definitions. When I talk about LTV I am talking about the value of the house not purchase price. In your example that would be taking that house worth $100k and financing it up to that $100k. Not loan to purchase price , but lone to value. I usually finance 100% of the purchase price but I try for it to be 60% to 70% LTV.


Those in the mortgage industry don’t use your definition of LTV. To lenders, the property value IS the lesser of the purchase price or appraisal. My example conformed to the mortgage industry’s definition and use of the term “LTV”.

When talking to the new investors on these forums about financing, I wanted to clarify for them that your definition is not the mortgage industry standard usage.

Thanks for your Support and Messaging …

I still want to invest and get going ! …

The formula is Sound and Good and Kind to this Office !

So with Care; we’re staying with NO MONEY DOWN …

NOW ! … about Immoboli / Immobolii How to make everyone go around as you gain Gross / Net Business as your family Rests in Peace ?

I would appreciate some feedback and real communication on this …
eventually disappear on paper and Declare 30% Taxes in Europe with any SHOWS PAID not to be doubletted in the USA letting the reciepts stand good that I have paid my taxes there for presence of the USA in this Modern World of Ours ! … Pastels made to Brilliants ! *

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He sounds like “Lovelace” in the movie Happy Feet!! If you can ask a question we can understand, we’d be happy to give our input. Put the crack pipe down and think about what you wanna say. :rolleyes

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