For those of you who have any doubt about the need to buy right, here’s a little story.

Bought a place last year for $88k that appraised for $117k. It had previously rented for $1300. Put in $15k fixup (because I was a novice and didn’t know how to better save). I did the work myself, so I took all summer to get it done (I have a day job). So, that was 3 months of holding costs gone and the summer renting demand cooled off. Got the place rented in October for $100 over the mortgage - meaning I was going to be negative for the first year. Ok, no biggie, I’m thinking long-term.

Tenants were late with payments several times, (issues with FEMA and wife not being good with budgeting) but paid and paid late fees (extra $ for me, so feel free to be late more…)

Fast forward to this summer… it’s rained just about every day for two months… a leak in the roof leads to an electrical problem in one room. no electricity at all. send out electrician to diagnose/fix and he does - electric back on, one light is out, but should be fine when leak is addressed (can’t be addressed if it rains every day - which it has for two months).

Tenant calls again today - heard a pop, saw smoke, no electricity. and of course, it’s still raining.

Buy right my friends.

I haven’t bought since last year, because I haven’t had time to make the effort to buy right for landlording. I can find places to flip, but not rent. Fortunately my day job makes enough money to keep me from being negative on the rental (although, there isn’t much equity left with the softness of the market.)


This is great stuff.

I really admire you.

I lot of people don’t like to talk about their mistakes, but I’ve found that people like yourself turn these things into BIG opportunities for themselves by LEARNING how to do things differently next time.

Thanks for sharing your experience, and just think about how much better you’ll do on your next purchase. You went to school on this one, the next one you’ll go to the bank!!!

bdub, what is your mo. mortgage pmt, and percent?

Where are you, where it rains every day for 2 months???..Even people in Seattle would shudder at that…

Call out the rain dancers to do a reverse dance…


Sorry, been on the road quite a bit, so couldn’t reply…

phatman, the mortgage payment is about $850 at 7.25% or so… i’m not hurting, but i’m not making money.

buff, I live in Houston, TX. All of June and July = rain.

no worries, houses are going to get cheap - subprime lending runs DEEP into the global economy. it’s not just the mortgage companies that are going to get hurt on this one. there will be more houses for sale and more renters to rent to soon.

buy right and good luck.

Went to Houston last June…I remember it was about 900 degrees…I was hoping for rain!!..Nice city, though…

The list of REO’s in Houston is very long and getting longer.

I think that probably applies to everywhere MarkieMark. I am seeing more and more here in Fort Wayne, IN.

buy right=lowwwwwwww price/excellent terms

I read today foreclosures are up 9.3% from last month and 93% from last year.

Time to buy! :beer

We are thinking of buying in Texas. Would you recomend Austin or San Antonio on neither?

Thanks in advance?

Rain in June and July??..that’s not good we are coming from British Columbia Canada it always rains here, make us crazy, that’s why we’re leaving.