buy on CFD then sell on CFD?

Is there any reason that you cant buy on a contract for deed and then sell on a contract for deed to a new buyer? My motivated seller is hung up on letting me take title sub 2 but is willing to accept other terms. Thanks, J

I dont see any reason why not. If the seller sells it to you then the property is yours. If you want to sell it again on CFD you can you would just have to wait for the buyer to purchase it after a year seasoning requirements. Hope this Helps

Yes, I’ve done it, and it can work well. Read your CD first; you may need to notify your seller that you’re selling; if they knew your game upfront, this is rarely a problem.


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First off you do not own the property when purchasing on a Contract for Deed:

“A contract in which a property title is transferred only after the buyer makes a certain number of monthly payments.”

You would be far better off purchasing the property Subject To where you have title to the property, then selling with a Contract for Deed.

The reason being you actually have the deed to transfer to your new buyer, purchasing the property with a CFD your do not hold title.

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