Buy my foreclosure?

Hi folks,

I am wondering if any investors would consider buying my recently foreclosed home in Colorado Springs, and leasing it back to me with an option to buy. I would like to work out a win /win. Fannie Mae owns the house as of 3/25/16 and has not sold it yet. I can make the payments but would not be able to get another loan to buy the house right now. I am not a deadbeat, I am a hard working local business owner who made some mistakes but have already worked so hard to fix them, but not in time for the mortgage company. If anyone is interested please message me asap and we can discuss on the phone or in person. I would really love to keep this home I have worked so hard for and appreciate any consideration.


you can contact an investor who can buy your foreclosured house. They may offer you cash for your property and can help you find new home to move on. I recommend you to contact Homestead Road in MN. We can help you in all the way

Depends on the investors but most investors won’t buy the home and rent the home back to the home owner due to foreclosure laws. I guess it will depend on the what your foreclosure law is in Colorado. In Utah I stay clear of doing that because the laws are in favor of the home owner if something were to go wrong.

To sell a foreclosed home, hiring a foreclosure agent in your area is the best option. The agent will not only help you in selling your home but also helps in finding a new home according to budget.

I would prefer to buy your foreclosed home and rent it to somebody else that will pay me the rent. You have stared down a huge bank company like Wells Fargo of Chase and I expect you to knuckle under and pay rent to little ole me? I don’t think so. You are too slick ass to follow the rules and will take me to the cleaners. I would use the foreclosure process to get you out of the house and rent it to a rent worth individual.