Buy in LLC or transfer after purchase?

My partner and I are going to look at several properties over the next few days. We are trying to figure out how to finance the purchase. He has a 740 fico and i have a 770, and we have about 30k to invest, plus our reserves.

We do not know if we should purchase via llc (minus is higher interest rate), purchase in our own names to receive 1st time buyer incentives and lower interest rates. and also i have heard that we could put the mortgage in once person’s name and the title in both names, and then for our second investment put the mortgage in the other investors name to receive 1st time buyer benefits twice.

input is appreciated.

Taking title in the name of your LLC depends upon your lender. Some will allow, some won’t

First time home buyer programs are generally restricted to owner occupants. Buying as investors does not qualify as a first time home buyer.