Buy house in slide area??? Good idea?

Maybe someone can shed some light on whether this would be a good deal. I am looking at a nice house right now to rent out that is very well priced. I’m guessing the reason is is so cheap is that a couple years ago, there was a land or rock slide in the area that demolished some houses. Becuase of this, the property tax on this property is very low and so is the price. The realtor is telling me that there is no slippage in the area of the house. I’m not sure anyone would insure for landslide insurance in this area, but does this sound like a good risk to take?

I would think that it all depends on the circumstances. Is the area desirable?

I live in Valencia, Ca (Santa Clarita) and there are many very expensive homes here, tons of new construction, and we are just a few miles from the San Andreas fault.

I have a friend that profited greatly from a few SFH’s in Malibu following some mudslides.