Buy & Flip vs. Hold & Rent

Good morning all … & Happy New Year!

I’m new to the forum / group. To give you a quick background, I am a novice investor. I had a few rental units in the early 90’s but it was accidentally in a way (not by design lol). I did nothing for 10 years then the last few years I have bought and sold 3 homes in 3 years. However I was an owner occupant in all of them because I was in different states on contracts. I puchased as opposed to renting because of the potential. I did very well in every home, recognizing 20-35% return on all of them. I’m an independent sales consultant and have much flexibility so I want to get into RE investing more full time. My question is this: I think I would prefer flipping (buy/cosmetize & fix/sell, short term) right now as opposed to buy hold & rent. My wife and I have a keen sense for making a property very inviting & desirable (all three my last homes we sold in less than a week). I’d love to get some feed back from any of you in the group that do more flipping as opposed to holding/renting. Any advice, thougts, comments, experiences are very much welcomed. Very interested in best methods when NOT owner occupant. If anyone has some free time I’d love to chat offline too. Thanks much and look forward to any feedback! :slight_smile: