business with a man with an angry baby momma

Hello to all- I am trying to figure how to protect myself. I am in business with my best friend who has an angry >:(baby mom. He and I are at the point of buying real estate, holding it for a couple of years and then sellling.

Our ultimate goal is to eventually buy bigger and bigger each time.

This woman who shares two children with my best friend is hella angry.

Is there anyway I can protect myself from getting taken for what I have?

No, he is not married to her and takes care of his responsibilities tenfold.

Is there anyway to protect myself from her trying to go after what we have together. Is there an business entity we should connect our realestate to, that would protect us down the line.

Very last concern, after we have bought these properties and for some unforeseen reason he and she end up marrying, how am I protected. ieeeee

-realestate babe

operate in an LLC with a strong WRITTEN management agreement. put EVERYTHING in writing.

It’s good if they’re not married, but beware “common law” marriage. If the kids are his, then the kids, with momma as guardian/trustee for them, will have a claim.

make sure he has a will and that succession is planned both in the management agreement and with his sister or somebody friendly as trustee for his estate. you don’t want him to die and leave everything to his kids whose interest is managed and controlled by the angry ex.

This woman who shares two children with my best friend is hella angry.

Not sure what this means exactly, but I have a good idea - nasty! ;D