Business Plan

I am looking for some help figuring out how to structure my Business Plan to be able to get a line of credit for my LLC($100,000 to $500,000). I am a new investor and I have look several Business Plan on the web but I haven’t seen any thing for investors who aquire, flip and rent real estate. Is there any body on this site that could point me in the right direction. My LLC is a year old and I have a couple of muti- families that I have purchase last year and I would like to expand and get into larger units.


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Steve Cook has a business plan for real estate investors. His website is:

Patti Porter

Do you use QuickBooks for your accounting software? I have 2005 Premiere(my accountant hates 2006 version). There is a Biz Plan in the package. I have used this to present my request for a line of credit this month. No answer yet but the banker was impressed. It does have its limitations in the spread sheets though.

WaltB :slight_smile:

I don’t have Quick Book but thank you for the info, I will look to see if anyone I know has it.