Business Plan Model?

I’m Curious about implamenting a business plan and how to get it from my head to paper. Does anyone have any advice on preparing a business plan? Most plans I have come across on the internet have more sections than I have awnsers for. I want to be able to have a plan that does not make me look silly when I go to a bank. Thank you for any input.

I would recommend a book that goes into the process. Sample agreements don’t help unless you understand the sections. “Business Plans for Dummies” is a good one for people who have never done one before.

what do you think abot having a business plan designed for you? there are companies ot there that do this but do not know how much they charge or if it is worth the money.

It’s your business. You need to do it. It’s the process, not the document, that helps the most.

Thanks I ill take it under advisment