Business Plan for New Investor


I am just now beginning to invest in real estate. I am concerned about how to plan successfully for quitting my full-time job. If I quit to early I am worried that I may not be able to obtain financing to purchase investment deals. I’ve heard (and it makes sense) that many lenders will not lend to you without a job, unless they can show that you’ve invested in real estate successfully for two years. I am confident in myself and I know that I will be able to show this. But two years is a long time to stick with a job that I hate. does anyone have any other creative means. I am a beginner so I would need 24 more months of sucessful investing before I am able to apply for financing without a regular salaried job.

What type of work do you do?
Is it a job where you can offer consulting services to comapnies in that field?
Is it a job that can allow you to work for a smaller company that provides the same services and be more flexible with you on time restraints?

I have none of investors that have invested in small companies for hope of being able to have a position awarded to them also. They hoped to have a position created for them in the same field as what they were already doing. Their thoughts were a job change did not work against them as long as they were still in thier field.

do not quit your daytime job.

if you’re thinking of “no money down” and “creative financing” yada yada yada - keep educating yourself. i was where you are about 3 months ago. i “believe” in myself as well, but I’m not quiting my full time job, until i have PROVEN that my “belief” in myself is a reality and not just a “belief”.

Start slow, set goals, read this forum - SPARINGLY - cuz it can start to take up too much of your time.

talk to a CPA. talk to Realtors (devise the questions to ask and control the conversation - cuz alot of them can waste your time). talk to a few lawyers - interview them. call insurance companies - learn their lingo and ask questions. call a title insurance company or two. talk with a commercial bank lender - learn what YOU need in order to achieve financing - straight up.

get prices. get ideas. DO NOT QUIT YOUR JOB. Work TWO “jobs” - one that earns you CASH for now and the other that earns you KNOWLEDGE now and hopefully - A LOT MORE CASH IN THE FUTURE!

i split up my week accordingly. i read, talk to people in the biz (again learning the lingo/market area). I put in about 15 hours or more toward my “business” - that again, earns me no money now, but will.

patience. you can also look for another job (realtor maybe) and quit the one you hate!! Man some phones at a mortgaging company (telemarketing) it may suck, but you learn lingo and to be a salesman.

where are you located?

Hello Zyin,

I work with computers - more of an help desk professional. I have thought of consulting; I would have to get my business off the ground and hope that it makes me enough to pay the bills.


A job where I a have more independence like a realtor would be ideal IF it doesn’t take me too long to make money. :wink: But anything is better than what I’m doing as long as I can still pay my bills…