Business opportunity: Real Estate Investor/Partner Wanted

I have a situation here which I need some help or advice on with offers for participation as I do not know exactly what to do with this scenario.I am open to taking in partner(s) with specific propostion for working this deal together on a short sale or turning it over to investor who is interested for a reasonable stake in the deal.We are located in New Jersey but the property is in Staten Island New York

  1. Property is a single family townhouse (2 houses in one building) in Staten Island.
    Nice area, 3 Bedroom, 2 full baths 2 half baths. (2 level house)
    House is new built only 3 years ago.
    Size is about 2600 sq ft.
    House is listed for 6 months by realtor, no takers so far. First listing 6 months ago 410,000 and gradually reduced every 1-2 months to a list price now of $369,000 but still no takers.

  2. Opposite there is new development of similar houses listed at 410,000 but no takers

  3. Homeowner is 9 months late on mortgage payments $2260 per month including taxes
    and arreage is about $28,000 including late fees penalties and attorney fees etc.The note
    and mortgage outstanding amount is $332,000 plus the $28,000 would make the pay off
    figure around $360,000 so there is no more equity in the house and it would be a minus.
    There is no second mortgage on the house, only a first

4.Homeowner willing to surrender the Deed but I dont know what options I have or what to
really do with it to make money so I am looking for a partner to handle this maybe on
short sale or whatever other options we can think of.

5.I am open to any suggestion/partnership offers

I do not wish to release specific info like address etc until I have some agreement in place.The area is a pretty decent area in Staten Island

I do short sale and foreclosure. If you do 369,000 divivide by 410,000
that is 90 LTV. Pass on the deal.If you want to get a possible 75% . There is a way. will explain later. In you calculation, do not forget about PPP. How long current owner in property?Homes prices are soft right now.Do you know why? will explain later…